Life After Corporate provides coaching services, workshops and public speaking addresses for the tens of thousands of people who are pushed to the curb every year by Corporate America and other large organizations.

Dr. Marjorie Farnsworth, MBA, PhD, herself a veteran of at least 5 major layoffs in the course of almost 25 years working for the Fortune 500, guides clients and audiences through the pains and pitfalls of post corporate life– a step by step process she calls The Job Loss Journey. She speaks from her own experience of self-reinvention, having transformed herself from a middle manager in international logistics to a successful therapist in private practice.

Five Major Themes of Pain and Panic addressed by the strategies of: The Job Loss Journey

  1. Sudden financial shock: loss of salary, income and health insurance
  2. Sudden emotional shock: feelings of betrayal, rejection and failure
  3. Potential disappointment and even rejection by friends and family
  4. Loss of identity and self-esteem: having to face unresolved insecurities about self, which previously were  bandaged over by identity with a big name company
  5. Loss of feelings of security about money: having to face unresolved money scarcity beliefs and deservingness issues previously bandaged over by the corporate salary

Five Major Themes of Reinvention and Renaissance addressed by the strategies of The Job Loss Journey

  1. Using shock to help you survive and move forward
  2. Taking stock of your professional assets, talents, hobbies, interests and dreams
  3. Becoming aware of and recovering from corporate hamster wheel thinking
  4. Achieving a life of balance and authenticity impossible for a corporate employee
  5. Reinventing your career and achieving a new life of success, health and happiness


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Marjorie’s Background

Public Speaking: Previously an adjunct professor at UCLA and Long Beach Community College. Professional training in the Pro Track program of the National Speakers Association. Currently teaches workshops for two Michigan school districts and addresses various public service organizations.

Coaching & Training: Trained in the 60 hour program of The Institute for Life Coach Training and currently a member of the International Coach Federation.


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