Marjorie Farnsworth: Background & Training as a Healer, Teacher, Therapist, Public Speaker



Life After Corporate: From Rejection to Renaissance

Motivational Speaker, Coach and Trainer, Dr. Marjorie Farnsworth, MBA, MHt, PhD, empowers shell-shocked former employees of Corporate America (and other large organizations) to find new ways to survive and thrive in the wilderness of Life After Corporate.

In the process of reinventing themselves, they can rediscover and develop the dreams, talents and values they silenced and suffocated, so that they could survive in the ever-changing political seas of corporate politics.

The result is creating the lifestyle and success they always wanted, but never would have achieved, as long as they were living on the corporate hamster wheel.

Using her life experience in the corporate world, training and work as a therapist, extensive research on corporate life, mental health and spirituality–not to mention her sardonic sense of humor about life in the prairie dog world of corporate cubicles–Dr. Marjorie is able to connect with people who may have been retired, fired, or downsized from Corporate America.

She helps them to find new sources of income, self-esteem and inspiration within themselves.

Dr. Marjorie spent almost 25 years working as a middle manager in international logistics for such Fortune 500 companies as ACCO Brands, Motorola, Hewlett Packard, and Dana Corporation. In the course of that time, she endured at least 5 layoffs, bankruptcy, high blood pressure and adverse corporate politics. In the end, she reinvented herself as a therapist, serving those still suffering under the corporate yoke, and earning a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology. She also has traveled all over the world, including Russia, Europe, China, and Australia, and lived in Taiwan for over two years.


Dr. Marjorie’s Professional Memberships

> National Speakers Association
> International Coach Federation
> Association for Transpersonal Psychology
> International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association