Dr. Marjorie: Your Rejection to Renaissance Guide for Life After Corporate


Five Top Benefits of Hiring a Coach

  1. A positive, objective, non-judgmental sounding board for your ideas
  2. Someone who is always in your corner to encourage and support you, and help you feel safe as you walk together through stuck places in your life
  3. Someone professionally trained to ask you powerful questions which will help you to discover your authentic dreams, and plan how to make them a reality
  4. Someone to help you examine and reframe your old beliefs and assumptions about who you are and what is possible for your life
  5. Someone to hold you accountable for following your plan to accomplish your goals

Five Top Reasons to Hire Dr. Marjorie to Be Your Coach for The Job Loss Journey

  1. Nearly 25 years of experience as a corporate middle manager for the Fortune 500
  2. Experienced at least 5 major corporate layoffs
  3. Professional training as a coach. And member of the International Coach Federation
  4. Experience successfully reinventing her career from international logistics manager, project manager and MBA…. to therapist, coach, trainer, speaker and PhD
  5. Perspective from living overseas, traveling the world, and working in multiple industries of the Fortune 500…. together with a dry sense of humor and a warm heart

Five Top Benefits Your Will Gain from Life After Corporate Coaching with Dr. Marjorie

  1. Help to sort out  and reclaim  needs, values and talents you suffocated and hid in order to survive in the ever shifting political climate of the corporate world
  2. Help to excavate your authentic life dreams and create a plan to accomplish them
  3. Help to define what success means to you and create a plan to go after it
  4. Help to identify and sort out old beliefs, assumptions, identities and stuck places that no longer need to define your life
  5. Help to create the life and community of your dreams in your own Life After Corporate

Potential Coaching Candidates

  1. Anyone who feels as though they are floundering after having been retired, fired or laid off from Corporate America (or any large organization)
  2. Anyone contemplating leaving a corporate career and starting a new life
  3. Anyone who has left life in a big organization and is looking for a life which is more authentic, balanced and happy than they could achieve as an employee



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