Dr. Marjorie: Your Rejection to Renaissance Guide for Life After Corporate


Top Five Benefits of a Public Address from  Dr. Marjorie

  1. Strategies for dealing with the financial and emotional shocks of job loss, so that people can regain their balance, confidence and equanimity
  2. Strategies for taking inventory of skills, experience and dreams and applying them to creation of a new career outside of corporate
  3. Strategies for becoming aware of the Puritan work ethic and the corporate hamster wheel mentality, so that they can regain a sense of self-worth and create balance and health in their lives
  4. Strategies for staying healthy and successful in a life without a corporate salary, benefits or gamesmanship, so that they can thrive in an ever-changing world and take advantage of multiple income streams
  5. Stories from the front lines of layoffs, restructurings, down-sizings,  right-sizings, and cubicle prairie dog life from Dr. Marjorie’s long experience



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