Dr. Marjorie: Your Rejection to Renaissance Guide for Life After Corporate

Top Four Benefits of a Workshop with Dr. Marjorie

  1. Thought-provoking interactive approach
  2. Entertaining stories from the front lines of real life in Corporate America
  3. Exercises to help attendees get started right now to:
    1. Get to know each other better and become mutual sounding boards for ideas
    2. Get a grip on financial and emotional loss, survive, and learn to thrive
    3. Take inventory of the talents, training and skills they use on the job, and what they like and don’t like about the work they do
    4. Take inventory of the what they like and do not like about the qualities of their corporate work environment, co-workers, clients and work hours
    5. Take inventory of talents, training and skills they would like to use in their career, but have hidden or suffocated for political or other  reasons
    6. Take inventory of the qualities of their ideal work environment, co-workers, clients and work hours
    7. Create a plan to take their life back from the Puritan work ethic and the corporate mindset
  4. Come out of the workshop with greater self-awareness and  at least the rudiments of a plan to move forward to a happier, healthier, more successful Life After Corporate

Marjorie’s Experience as a Workshop Leader

  1. Currently runs adult enrichment workshops for two Michigan school districts
  2. Former adjunct professor for UCLA Business Extension and Long Beach Community College
  3. Formal training in the National Speakers Association Pro-Track Program
  4. Workshops for banks, insurance companies and the California Center for International Trade Development in Sacramento and LA.



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